That one prop that will leave your guest wowed

You know when you first enter an event and every detail is perfectly curated and styled to fit the theme? There’s always a central focal point where the guests’ eyes will lock eyes and every other detail just points back to that one focal point, weather it be a photo backdrop, a sweets table, or a collection of props that centerpiece the whole event. It gives that wow factor where every guest will linger just a little bit longer to take in all the details and perhaps even whip out their phone to feature it on the gram!

We recently worked with one of Boca Raton’s most sought after event planner D&S Creations Co. to curate the fists birthday party to a little princess. It was something out of our dreams! Every detail worked harmoniously with the next to tell a story of the little princess we were celebrating.

The theme of the birthday party was a Parisian garden cafe, and boy was it over the top! From crepe makers, to a specialty ice cream vendor, and a custom made cafe structure that needed to be assembled on sight were just some of the props that adorned this birthday celebration.

Sunday Blooms & Co. had the privilege to work alongside all the vendors that came together to make that magical day happen. Two custom made eight foot flower boxes with freestanding roses of varying sizes and colors were placed side by side to a gazebo that welcomed in all the guest. We also made 8 custom made freestanding flowers on wooden bases that included two roses of varying sizes. These were 3 feet tall and were placed along the sweets table / backdrop. It truly was something extraordinary to experience. A life-sized garden indeed!

Setting the ambience tips:


Add romantic flower arrangements, or just rose petals on any tabletop. 



Lots of candlelights such as tea lights, candelabras, or just regular block candles.



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