Party backdrops are trending: use paper flowers to dress up yours

Been to an event lately and noticed the perfectly curated photo backdrop at the center of the room? Yes? Photo backdrops are in! These trendy and beautiful backdrops can be totally unique to your event, showcasing your creativity where your guests can engage, take stunning pictures, and share them on all social media platforms tagging your #hashtag of choice. Using paper flowers as part of your backdrop is not only easy, it's inexpensive.

With so many online tutorials, you can turn your backdrop into the talk of the event. If you're looking for help with the assembly of your paper flowers, contact us for a quote.

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Setting the ambience tips:


Add romantic flower arrangements, or just rose petals on any tabletop. 



Lots of candlelights such as tea lights, candelabras, or just regular block candles.



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